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I am happy to receive you on my online space where you can discover me better. May it be a little light, a pause or a shelter for you for a little while.

Poet, Writer, Speaker

Since childhood, melancholy and passion have taken possession of my entire soul, inspiring my writings and drawings from my heart to my pen.

Founder of Love Medicine Association

Love Medicine is an Association, upcoming Book and Film-Documentary reuniting more than 50 influential speakers worldwide in the field of Health, Science and Spirituality for another approach of Care, Life and the Living.

Specialist in Traditional Indian Medicine

After a career in Montreal as a Senior System Eng. in IT for 7 years, I decided to devote my life to learn Ayurvedic Medicine in a small village by the foothills of the Indian Himalayas, where I will stay 3 years in loving service to healing.

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"In an Eastern rose garden..."