Bloom in love

« The bud, when it blossoms, obeys the urgency of expressing the idea hidden in its soul. »

Let yourself bloom in love like Spring.

In love and in life, we own nothing.

At best, we own in the same way the wind catches the hair, the sun catches dust and the fingers close around the snowflakes: merely, by a touch.

You live only to love. One breath with life. I do not breathe for someone or through someone: I breathe thanks to everything; likewise I love.
You breathe only to love.
To make your heart a home.
To love so much that to know the pain of being real in a world that is not.
To go to the depths of things, inevitably encountering the most desperate sadness, and the most absolute grace.
To love to understand that the ephemeral is eternal.
To love because ‘God’ already knows that we are human, but it is probably upon us to learn it.

Love does not say « I can not live without you » but « Teach me how to live with you ».
Love does not say « Satisfy me » but « Teach me how to discover through you what I still do not know about myself.  »

Love says: do not look for me in the eyes of someone else, since I am in yours. Just open them, so I will be everywhere your gaze is.

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