« You know it too, this very hour of the morning when life is barely hatched.
The sun melting under the snow.
The bud breathing under the frost.
The numbed wing of the bird.
The morning has its truths that whisper only in a low voice. Very low.
We have to be silent.
God walks barefoot in the gardens. »

Emmanuelle Soni-Dessaigne

Poet, SPeaker, Specialist in Indian Traditional Medicine

Soon upcoming events for 2020.

Below past events in 2019:

18 & 19 May,
South France

Emmanuelle will give a conference on Love Medicine project at the Eveil & Vous Congress and do the opening.

14 June,

Emmanuelle will hold a conference on Ayurveda and Ancestral Medicine at the 4th Festival organized by INREES.

28 to 30 June, Geneva

Emmanuelle will hold two conferences on Spiritual & Integrative approach to Cancer at the 1st International Health Congress on Integrative Oncology, organized by Swiss Alternative Medicine.

13 to 15 September, Barcelona

12th European Congress of Integrative Medicine “The Future of Comprehensive Patient Care”, organized by the European Congress for Integrative Medicine.

21 & 22 September, Montreal

2nd International Congress on the Integration of Therapies, reuniting 10 speakers over 2 days, as part of the Love Medicine Documentary, co-organized by Emmanuelle Soni-Dessaigne and Laurent Roussel from EDNCO.