Here & Now

The greatest sages teaches us that the only thing given to us is this instant, this eternal present, the one in which the past has already fled and the future does not yet exist.

Yet, we are never really in the present moment and we are never really present to ourselves.

We eat watching atrocities on TV, we talk while reading news on our phone, we attend a concert by filming the scene, we cook while thinking about the next task, we take a bath while rehearsing in our mind the hassle of the day.

How, then, can we appreciate what is given to us when it is given? How to let ourselves be infused with all the subtleties, the flavors, how to be penetrated by the moment instead of being in the replay of yesterday or the projection on tomorrow?

We have to start living our life unexpected. Stopping to expect anything from life, yet, expecting everything.
Being young again with Life as a friend, like two young dogs playing together.

Being available to play and converse with everything that comes to us.

The essence of this conversation with life is in a language that escapes words. To hear with the ear of your heart what is said in the small space between the world and your ideas of the world.

It is to be sensitive to the poetry that is hidden in the space between us.

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