On « Enlightnement »

I hear many people claiming to be « awakened »?

Well the, it implies that there are « the others », the non awakened = asleep = stupid ? Everything that implies a judgment or comparison is not enlightenment. Each flower blooms in its own conditions: an arid, rocky soil, or a wet one… the conditions of the flowering time differ according to each flower, yet everyone is brought to bloom in its season. Are there criteria for enlightnement, to determine if one is and the other not? If so, who listed them somewhere? Isn’t it just to trust being held and carried by life? It is not a state having a beginning and an end, it is a permanent alchemical process, which becomes as it is created and transformed.

I see many people saying they are « awakened »,  bowing before an icon, deity, guru?

Since immemorial time, the man is pleased with symbols, external « gods », idols.

As soon as the gaze turns more outward than inward, the eye sees nothing but its projections and illusions. A man that does not know himself is mandatorily idolatrous. There are, of course, magnificent works and magnificent authors, but they are always the creature(man) instead of the creator(God,Life, whatever name you want to use), so we must respect them but not erect them in truth beyond our own. To read on something is not to experience it. Reading on a dish is far from containing all the sensations that eating it can provide. There is no need for any intermediary or interpreter between you and the Source, because there is no separation. It is a direct experience. God is less in the temples and churchs than in our hearts, less in the books than in a child’s smile or a lost flower on the pavement. Do not contemplate those who claim having seen God, contemplate what they contemplated!

I see many people « awakened », gathering together and avoiding mingling with those who are not the same ‘vibratory level’?

Where is the purpose of preaching a convinced one? Preaching the good word among those who already know it is both glorifying for the ego and useless. If you can hear, go speak to those who think they are deaf and tell them they are not. Jesus, like so many other prophets, went to every one who, precisely, had forgotten his light, was in need, was in criticism and refutation. A teacher does not teach teachers, he teaches children and the children teach him back, heckling him, questioning him, deepening him, pointing their finger very often on essential things that, in our sufficient ivory tower of beliefs and knowledge, we have forgotten.

Does « awakening » mean constant peace, absolute and permanent serenity?

Not necessarily, often the opposite. It is feeling. In our daily lives, we mechanically run from one task to another, and our days seems booked, full -yet, they are empty. We never feel. To feel is therefore to open the senses, it is therefore fundamentally to be more sensitive but at the same time able to be observant. It is to lend a hand to what cries in us over the course of life, it is to listen to what is suffering in us, it is not to reach a kind of continual Zen. It is to display kindness and compassion when one crosses unbridled seas, it is to maintain confidence when one knocks on the walls of our humanity, our games of illusions; it is not to suppress them, it is to understand them by going to the end of each emotion and let it mature, and die, and live again.

I see many people « awakened » or in a quest of awakening, feeling that they have to read such work, or follow such training, to access the ultimate consciousness, the mastery of certain things?

Do you think God has erudition for synonym? How could you be closer to the Source when it is at your feet, when you bask in it? To me, the children are the closest to the raw authenticity and understanding of life, and yet they are the least « erudite » if one correlates erudition and knowledge. In our society, we have much knowledge, but no wisdom. Children have the wisdom, because they are genuinely ‘crazy’. I value wisdom over knowledge. Most methods, magic formulas, rituals, have been  invented by man because precisely we always try to find tools, when we are the tool.


As long as we try to understand what IS by ideologies or theorems we will never be able to find it. Life is to be understood only in the mystery- beyond the words, beyond the concepts, in the innocence. Life is to be understood in the mystery, not in the mastery.

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