Art is the only way that we have to remain alive, as we are dying.  

Writing is living for me, as Anaïs Nin explains it in this 2:OO’ video, with her striking words.

My poetry collections available in French and are as below:

  • First Poetry Collection : « Of Light and Flesh ».
  • Second Poetry Collection: « On the Nature of Daylight ».
  • Third Poetry Collection: « Daughter of the Wind ».
  • Fourth Poetry Collection : «With the dawn».

For now, they are share on my Facebook Page.


My upcoming books are:

  •  « Love Medicine», and the associated film-documentary for another approach of Life and the Living.
  •  « Burn & Illuminate », spiritual aphorisms and autobiographical stories.

The talented Gaelle Marais, Sur les chemins de Gaya, honored with her harmony and sweetness one of my poems called « Once a journey », in the video below:

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"The beautiful Emmanuelle Dessaigne is someone I have mentored for years now. What she wrote here is provocative and powerful. Want to share it with you."

Of Light & Flesh

Loving you, is the flight of the birds who were asleep in my chest.

Of Light & Flesh is my first poetry collection, containing more than hundred pages of poems written between my 8 and 30 years.

I would like to tell you about the joy that floods me. The circle of your eyes is the center of the world.

On the Nature of Daylight

My 2nd Poetry Collection,

Mainly written as I was in India between 2016 and 2018.


My shadow and your light are old friends.

I would like to hold your hands

-because of an injury,
because of an eternity.

My Love

My love
Tell me about tomorrow
In the tenderness of your madness
Your so familiar madness
Because my lonely pain
Is for the touch of your hand
My love
Night has fallen
Come talk to me slowly
As we do to little children
And come fall asleep gently
Fall asleep against my spine
Our bodies knotted like the vine
Tomorrow is another sigh
Maybe another truth
My love
Night has fallen. »

Daughter of the Wind

My 3rd Poetry Collection, written in 2019, dedicated to my father.

I was young

I said to myself: I have life in front of me. As I got older, I said to myself: I have life behind me. Sick, I said to myself: I do not care; as long as I have life with me. Since then, life is always with me. Neither in front, nor behind, nor before, nor after. I stopped offering it on the altar of Time. I brought life back to life.

Live and walk

as if you were more vast than yourself. Hands and breath stretched to the Sun.

I believe

that my wave is for your shore. And that my land is for your foot. My wound, for your kiss.

My spring

is in its bud, my winter sleeps in its snowflake, my earth hopes in its thrill- Am I a leaf that trembles in the wind? A soul that walks sighing? Where could we go to be a little less sad, to see life going by under our attentive hearts? And watch the world from window to window, and leave it maybe - breathe gently.

What will you do when the world will want to bloom in you?
You came into my life as the dove announces a reborn world.
Let’s take the road tomorrow.
With a renewed joy, a decided foot, an affirmed hope.
I know.
The city is still roaring tonight.
Children are still hungry.
But a song started among the stars.
All these lives related to you.
To you and me.
All these flowers waiting to bloom somewhere.
Life has never been so close.
It’s waiting for you, and I’m waiting for you with it.
I know.
You are tired of all the love you carry, like the tree is crushed bearing its fruit.
But come the season of harvest, so let me free you.
Let your heart beat in the night, at the song of the stars.
Tomorrow, we will bring the news to the men.

With the dawn

Fourth Poetry Collection. Currently under writing.